The Emotional Maximum
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James Dean Brown Club Sets (live)



James Dean Brown – CDV TV
Mixed + recorded live at Hoppetosse, Berlin, 24.05.20



James Dean Brown – Destination Oscillator
It should be considered that lifestyles, activities, fashions, rhythms, measures, and other cycles we ritualised over the past years and decades might have been conducted by biased attitudes. Some of them are based on convenience while taking the path of least resistance. Others have been taken for granted for lack of knowledge of alternatives.

Consequently, taking the chance in times of changes and challenges, it should be reconsidered whether re-synchronizing with archaic sources of vibrancy would promise to be more satisfying. Engaging in and interacting with the resonance of things, enjoying the pleasures of their intoxicating dynamics, exploring new rituals could absolutely gain a liberating effect.

This tight mix suggests just a few resonance phenomena that allow the listener to immerse into a new kind of vibrational state. They come straight out of the garage of spiritual evolvement and transcendence. Enjoy an immeasurable world of rhythms beyond routine in favour of enigmatic deepness!

Constructed at Z56, Berlin, 23.05.20, presented by Funktaxi from Garage, Tokyo, Japan, 24.05.20: Tokuto Denda, Yasuo Takata (Pi-ge), Hyota Otani, Kojun Shimoyama, Tatsuruo Ogawa.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (St. Nicholas Gift Explosion)
Welcome to a new show that sports a series of fortunate events made of intuition, calculation, audacity, lucky chances, and sensational finds from my own record shelves. Due to some unknown reason one phono channel caused a distortion at times (which seemingly did not affect the master output). Sorry for the interference.
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 06.12.19

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (4th Love Anniversary)
We started on the One.
We found perfect harmony.
We never run out of melodies.
We invent our own rhythms.
We communicate on a high frequency.
We always strike the right note.
We are completely synchronized.
We go with the flow.
We enjoy high dynamics.
Our hearts beat like one.

Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 01.06.18

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Über-Perlonized (Greatest Hits)
Perlon's 20th anniversary and "Superlongevity 6" release party edition.
Mixed + recorded live at "Supersix", Superlongevity@Funkhaus, Berlin, 06.08.17

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (On Vacation)
The holiday edition conducts a crowd from the cold through hot showers of pleasure and perspiration by adding that "je ne sais quoi" to the composition of music and people.
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 06.01.17

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Technique Mix 060
Mixed + recorded live at "Apéro BPM", Point Éphémère, Paris, 01.03.16

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (In Heat)
The sweatbox became an incubator for magic while the crowd felt transported to reach the melting point of souls and soles.
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 03.07.15

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Danse de Katapoulette
opening set, mixed + recorded live at Katapult, La Trabendo, Paris, 24.01.15

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (In the Zone)
Just when you thought he couldn't get any deeper into the zone, JDB, resident of the Fluffy Thundercloud, moreover heavily Bouvet-powered here, plants this vibrant, vinyl-sheltered Voodoo House into the deepest jungle of your unexplored emotional terrain. This is your chance to get the most private, delicate parts of your body perlonized and mesmerized and keep a colony of butterflies coming.
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 06.06.14

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – The Golden Gate of Perception
Mixed + recorded live at HDT, Golden Gate, Berlin, 07.03.14



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized (Sparkling Edition)
Party reboot after (false) fire alarm leaving the crowd waiting for 30+ minutes without sound. Oddly enough, the floor caught fire only after the incident.
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 06.09.13

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Shibuyabaise
Mixed + recorded live at "Night Out", Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo, 17.05.13; thanks to Tokuto Den Denda, Yasuo Pi-ge Takata, Narifumi Ueno and everyone at Ruby Room for suppport.

set 144'52" | 347.7MB | 320kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Psychedelic Soul
You are about to enter a space where hardly any clubber has danced before… Feel well-absorbed into James Dean Brown's most extraordinary, emphatic and convincing DJ work so far.

As soon as he is supposed to feel reasonably safe in terms of a conclusive music selection and respectable mixing skills, JDB starts (and keeps on) experimenting, merging and warping styles, leaving the comfort zone. Consequently, you will experience weirdness of epic dimensions here while listening to a story that pleads for a great diversity of sound cultures at parties. Surrounded by nature, outdoors vibes and the heavy, monsoon-like rain must have been a great inspiration. Otherwise one could hardly explain how JDB managed to mix some of these hazardous grooves in such a relaxed way.

The trip becomes an audio drama: psychedelic Soul, Funk and Blues full of exotic magic and mystery, intoxicating Voodoo House, decelerated grooves, flexible shuffle modes, alien sound signatures, tripping hazards, spiritual vibes, enchanting incantations, ghost whispers, tribal percussion reverberating from the electrically vibrating rain forest, echoes from space, strange and unusual music not quite from this world, fluid fairytales, passion, temptation, ritual ecstasy, obscuration and revelation, and other oddities – it's all in here. Welcome to a subtle dislocation off the norm.

Mixed + recorded live under heavy rain at "Contour", :// about blank garden, Berlin, 29.07.12 between 5.00 and 8.00 a.m.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized V6
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 01.06.12

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Jericho (High Noon rmx) (excerpt)
No recording available from this exceptional party, but there is an expressive video clip of JDB playing "The Drumpads of Jericho" (Perlon PERL 39) by his own band Narcotic Syntax, setting the crowd in a freakout mode around high noon: "la Concrete se déchaîne". No comment necessary…
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized@Concrete", Paris, 15.04.12



James Dean Brown – Get Perlonized
Mixed + recorded live at "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin, 01.07.11

part 1 78'42" | 180.2MB | 320kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Club Fuel
Concocted at the Treibstoff Klub – a monthly event hosted by the Cologne-based Treibstoff label, provider of the key tracks for the international prime time –, this set supported a live performance by Dandy Jack. While part 1 (Ignition) keeps it coming from the emotional depth, part 2 (Combustion) gets the full passionate width going. Due to the explosive nature of the material some needle skips seemed to be unavoidable; also a few panning glitches occured, which have been monoized.
Mixed + recorded live at Gewoelbe, Cologne, 26.01.08

part 1 036'19" | 050.0MB | 192kbps
part 2 109'29" | 150.4MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Colors
Organza 04 feat. Narcotic Syntax.
Mixed + recorded live at Colors Studio Tokyo, 03.02.07

part 1 67'22" | 90.7MB | 192kbps
part 2 41'24" | 57.5MB | 192kbps



James Dean Brown – Rockets
Excerpt from JDB's opening set at Rockets club; two more sets followed the same night during the inauguration party of the integrated Saomai club.
Mixed + recorded live at Rockets, Osaka, 29.04.05

set 48'48" | 67.2MB | 192kbps




James Dean Brown Club Sets (on Radio X, 1998-2006)



James Dean Brown – The Invocation of Poulanga
on Radio X / X-Fade, 31.08.17

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Casa Profunda
Enjoy the vibes that primarily inflamed JDB's passion for club music: a deep, emotional impact of felicity. Unearthed from a pile of fully matured prime recordings, it is indispensable to bring this classy Deep House sound back to the mahogany dance floors of enchantment.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – The House from 20,000 Fathoms
Just as you thought it couldn't get any deeper: as deep as the Mariana Trench and as slow as the dwindling Gulf Stream, this damn fine House is designed to become your floating home of sustainable wellness!

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – 4000 to the Floor
Whacked by the muse of shindig, JDB ecstatically rouses a swarming mass of fidgety grooves with an insidiously pounding punch in the gut. The ignition of this combustible brew of highly reactive floor propellants doesn't aim at the attainment of a single climax, but rather pursues the permanent condition of alert and distraction for dancers and listeners with a warped attention span.

JDB's exclusively hazardous DJ manoeuvres accumulate substantial matters the flow of which often takes deliberately unexpected turns. The modules of this radio mix are rich in content and flavour, luscious and sparkling. They erect a system of sheer excitement. Imaginatively carved blocks of lascivious rhythms and sophisticated arrangements, of tightness, shuffle and blasts of Funk fabricate the launching pad for stunning shifts of perspective under showers of perspiration.

part 1 70'53" | 097.5MB | 192kbps
part 2 76'40" | 105.5MB | 192kbps
part 3 73'23" | 100.9MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Potpourri Flow
Remote, timeless, and definitely club-proof (minus 2 or 3 tracks too bizarre to handle), this radio set is called "Potpourri Flow" because of its serpentine nature: an adrenalin-powered roller coaster ride through twitching electronics from the 80es to contemporary dance productions – and a lot in between… Fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

part 1 75'52" | 104.6MB | 192kbps
part 2 79'54" | 110.1MB | 192kbps



James Dean Brown – House of Representatives
The emotional maximum: a heavily pumping, fully compressed and sexually arousing dance set with a West Coast House tendency.

part 1 79'43" | 109.9MB | 192kbps
part 2 77'00" | 106.1MB | 192kbps



James Dean Brown – Samba Club Coda
JDB's first, one and only (and secretly favourite) Techno set. A fiery Sambatech ride, cutting an aisle through rampant rhythms, teeming with Brazilian jungle sounds.

set 57'52" | 79.7MB | 192kbps



James Dean Brown – Electrobotics
A fine selection of essential old school Electro classics, designed as a score for a global Robotics video clip.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Minimal/Plural/Sensual
Mixed and recorded already in 1998, this 12-tracks set features an early, sophisticated form of pristine Tech Minimalism which is less randomly produced than the "Minimal" sound that has been hyped years later. In fact, these early tracks are inspirational, energetic, stimulating – focused on rhythmic coherence, on the exact configuration of elements. Their producers obviously have a sense of progression and sound design.

The calculable space which is left blank by the mathematics of reduction offers to be discreetly filled with electro-acoustic structures. Thus, the flow of tracks is constantly superimposed by additional soundscapes from various experimental music CDs. The relation of "boredom to danger" is conducted by rules of dynamics and syncopation. The resolution of the groove into massive, spacious drones – leading to a state of contemplation – is as unorthodox and surprising as inevitable.

Processed and mastered by Tobias Freund

set 74'53"" | 102.9MB | 192kbps




James Dean Brown Theme Sets (live)



Cleymoore + James Dean Brown – Secret Pit, Korero Chillout Stage
Mixed + recorded live at Secret Pit, Les Baux de Provence, 16/17.08.19



James Dean Brown – Lombardo Jukebox
Everything began with a handy piece of vinyl – the 7" single: the first sign of life by those who feel creatively inspired, the laying of the career cornerstone for producers and collectors, the first chart hit, the charging of a jukebox full of musical wonders, the life as a star, a little joy, a great pleasure, the repetitive playback of the favourite song. Here's an exciting collection of 96 underground 7" gems from (more or less) 1978-82, mixed in a DJ session at Lombardo.
Mixed + recorded live at Lombardo, Mitte Mountain, Berlin, 24.02.12

set 342'02"" | 470.1MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Lombardelic 4
From Après-midi d'un Faune to Aqua Nebula Oscillator: a psychedelic mushroom dish, palmyra pearls, teratologies from the fluid fairytale forest, and other dope Exotica.
Mixed + recorded live at Lombardo, Mitte Mountain, Berlin, 14.10.11

part 1 80'58" | 121.1MB | 192kbps
part 2 80'59" | 121.1MB | 192kbps
part 3 80'21" | 120.2MB | 192kbps
part 4 96'32" | 137.7MB | 192kbps



James Dean Brown – Electropical Storm #25: Electroacoustic Lounge
DJ support for Ricardo Villalobos / Max Loderbauer – Re: ECM live premiere, in(tro)ducing the unimaginable beyond the peak of electronic freestyle entertainment, with the aid of computational fluid dynamics and tapir taming technology.
Mixed + recorded live at Berghain, Berlin, 07.07.11

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – 1000 Blues
For the extravagant lifestyle of today: a seductive arrangement of exquisite sounds and glamourous vibes with a touch of decadence. This relaxing Loungecore cocktail from the golden age of coolness conveys an impression of the sophisticated verve that modern nightlife agents display when putting silver golf balls into champagne coolers which are casually lying around.
Mixed + recorded live at Bar Tausend, Berlin, 07.09.10

set 98'41" | 135.6MB | 192kbps




James Dean Brown Theme Sets (on Radio X)


BlueHours1 BlueHours2

James Dean Brown – Blue Hours
Music for dark blue hours; a soundtrack for sophisticated paradisiac conditions, blending Exotica, Big Band Blues Noir, Loungecore and Crime Jazz. From the golden age of coolness with a touch of decadence, characterizing yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's extravagant lifestyle.

set 154'47" | 354.4MB | 320kbps
playlist (pdf)
coverpics (zip 65.6MB)



James Dean Brown – Electrotwist
Music for Rubberduckies and Elastobabes: James Dean Brown rubberizes the dancefloor to enhance the shake-and-bounce factor of the listeners.

A brief history of the Twist: In the early 60es an orthopedist from Detroit invented some rhythmic skidding and swinging in order to compensate hip deficiencies of Western civilization via music therapy. By reason of North American legal hygiene regulations, people were restricted to performing this movement pattern pairwise in public as customary, indeed, however for the first time only in a discarnate manner. About twenty years later, venturous folks with gigantic extension leads revisited this courageous rhythm concept to cast it before the feet of the compliant New Wave community who did not hesitate to transform the round dance into a square one. Just under twenty years later again, a couple of hermetically organized kids were throwing drum kits down the stairs in a Twist mode and called it "Drum'n'Bass".

part 1 77'17" | 106.9MB | 192kbps
part 2 79'57" | 110.6MB | 192kbps

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Funkencounter
When the first boulders of the roughly trimmed block of Punk rumbled rhythmically into the Disco, when the bass slapped clumsily, and trumpets and saxophones began to spit neon fire in the early 80es, it marked the genesis of Brit Funk on the one side, and No Wave on the other side of the ocean. Initially, the dazzling results revealed the smartness of a curve of excitation of two libidinous, elastically supported Brontosaurians. But soon everybody involved rocked straight on, slapped out bass lines like warning cries and wallowed in broken tightness and thermonuclear sweat.

Funk is not the notes that are played but the notes that are not played – the colossal sum of permanent energy!

part 1 77'13" | 106.6MB | 192kbps
part 2 77'48" | 107.1MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Punkautomat
Up to now the chordfakers of guitar bands of newer provenance didn't manage to crack the Punkautomats which have been installed in London, Sheffield, California, New York, Hamburg, Paris and elsewhere more than 30 years ago. The purity requirements for these explosive (Post) Punk energy sources were exemplary. You will find them emphatically phrased now in this "Retrospective Favourite Hits Collection". Melody and Pogo as fresh as frozen, and the sunny chords from California.

part 1 79'07" | 108.9MB | 192kbps
part 2 77'51" | 108.1MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Motorway Disco
Electronic adrenalin for motorway rides to the Electropop and EBM underground clubs of the 80es, most effective on long range routes.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Mushroom Dish
Opening wide the doors of perception, bewitching harmonies interwoven with artful arrangements evoke memories of diffuse senses of well-being from the individual past. Stirring the mysterious panoply of diverse sources of escapism creates a scintillant, psychedelic flow. The captivating mix from behind the mirrors and other dimensions suggests an ambience that resembles the sensation of getting intoxicated by peyote and palmyra pearls.

Musical mysteries reflect cathartic signals from the silver nail fixing the Southern Cross. They excavate the aural catechism of an archaic, smart community. They represent the black hole devouring every kind of sonic matter to spit it out again – split up into an enormous miscoloured spectrum. They surf the merged waves of Blues, astral freakout, exotic sensuality and complex absurdity. They reintroduce the sound of metamorphing lifeforms to the wild. They discharge themselves with passion, defining the next logical step while on a progressive megatrip.

part 1 79'36" | 109.5MB | 192kbps
part 2 79'57" | 110.1MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Bikini Zone Depilation
Cowabunga, what a tube ride! A turbo-powered guitar Surf radio set featuring 30 tracks to warm up all the vital parts of your bodies, celebrated by Kimo Kini Palaunu.

set 79'57" | 109.9MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Coversions
Newly clad and individually furnished favourite melodies galore. Bizarre, absurd, sometimes even grotesque interpretations of popular songs, which sound not only almost coequal to the original but often appear to be the original themselves. Way-out cover versions performed with verve of songs that made music world history at times.

part 1 75'34" | 104.0MB | 192kbps
part 2 77'58" | 107.4MB | 192kbps
part 3 79'56" | 110.1MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown – Godzilla Bar and Drama
Music to watch monsters by.

part 1 79'14" | 109.0MB | 192kbps
part 2 42'10" | 058.4MB | 192kbps
playlist (pdf)



JDB + PvK – Our Exotic Mining Dump
James Dean Brown and Pierre van Kerckvoorde in the zone of style frenzy, back-to-back and fabulously synchronised though not knowing the treasures of each others bags, in a venturous, unearthing mood, remote-controlled by exquisit taste and mesmerised by sonic surprises.

playlist (pdf)



James Dean Brown + Christian Schroeder – Electropical Storm #24: Elevator Trip to the Engine Room of Manakoora Island





James Dean Brown – Dope Exotica
This unique, enchanting megaset is conveying music from most different styles and minds into a catching, surreal flow of 15 hours, 40 minutes, 20 seconds length. The mix from behind the mirrors and other dimensions is about remembering, intensifying or substituting a feel of escapism. It suggests an exotic ambience that resembles the feeling of being stoned without having dropped any psychoactive substances. "In semiconductor production, 'doping' intentionally introduces impurities into an extremely pure (element) for the purpose of modulating its (flow) properties". Exotica music is the base ingredient used here, with all sorts of "impurities" added between the conductors and insulators of the mix, to make it go wherever you want…

In the beginning of 2002, JDB started the project. After one and a half years of searching, compiling, playing, mixing tracks, rearranging tracklists, adding tunes etc., he completed the mission in September 2003, eventually having sequenced 229 tracks in an "Intoxica" mix. This is a collection of 49 years of psychedelic, nocturnal streamings, vibrations and visitations (1954-2003) – also available as a 12 CD set.

set 15h40'20" | 2.25GB | 320kbps
playlist (pdf)
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