The Emotional Maximum
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4000 to the Floor



Narcotic Syntax – Reuter Soul (edit)
recorded live at Reuter's, Berlin
Yapacc – master gear, James Dean Brown – 808+fx, Achim Treu – guitar+fx


Early in 2004, James Dean Brown and Yapacc started to present their music on stage. Apart from duo live performances they alternatively offer solo live sets by Yapacc combined with vinyl DJ sets by JDB.

From December 2009 until late in 2012, Narcotic Syntax appeared occasionally as a trio, collaborating with guitarist Achim Treu.



On 17th June 2011, a one-off show in a quartet formation featuring chanteuse Robert Conroy stirred excitement among the crowd at Suicide Circus in Berlin. The band euphorized their audience with an "unstoppable forward momentum". Some people out there proclaimed they had been carried away by a "pyroclastic flow out of a white rabbit's dream floating eight miles high on electric liquid".



In the meantime, having entered their 5th project phase, James Dean Brown and Yapacc return to the stage as a duo again. Narcotic Syntax play exclusively hardware live sets based on MFB and Roland gear, occasionally joined by Pit Spector to convey the Narcopit Syntax trio experience.



Pop and glow yapacc Pop and glow saw
midithru shiftpattern cutoffresonance
photos by Mario Gaetano (click to enlarge)

Past and forthcoming events:

07.02.04 Pop and Glow, Frankfurt a.M. (duo live premiere, see pics above) | flyer
13.02.04 "The Emotional Maximum", Club Camouflage, Cologne
02.04.04 Tatenfroh, Frankfurt a.M.
21.04.04 "Quiet Club" by Brian Eno, Galleria, Messe Frankfurt a.M. | flyerpics
24.07.04 "Cosmic Chile'", Dachkantine/Tonimolkerei, Zurich
05.11.04 "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin | flyer | RA
02.06.06 "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin | flyer | RA
23.06.06 "Plateaux: Syntactic", NRD, Torun/PL
24.06.06 Droga do Mekki, Wroclaw
23.09.06 Gewoelbe im Westbahnhof, Cologne | flyer
02.02.07 Club Clapper, Osaka | flyer
03.02.07 Organza@Colors Studio, Tokyo | flyer | picsvideoclip
25.08.07 Documenta 12/A.R.M., Kassel/D
29.12.07 "Sonntagsclub", Arena Club, Berlin (trio live premiere) | flyer | RAvideoclip
19.01.08 "Electric Mind" festival, Centrum Stocznia Gdańska, Gdansk | flyer
09.05.08 Eskulap, Poznań/PL
14.06.08 "Club Divisionnaire Anniversaire", Club der Visionaere, Berlin
07.08.09 Housewarming, Rooftop Stargarder, Prenzlvania, Berlin
02.04.10 "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin | flyer | RA
03.04.10 "Vrijbuiters Go Berlin Underground", Studio/K, Amsterdam | flyer
29.05.10 "Disko Digital", ZMF, Berlin | flyer
19.06.10 "Club del Mate", Ritter Butzke Kubikhof, Berlin | flyer | RAvideoclip
15.08.10 Krake Festival, Suicide Circus, Berlin | flyer | RA
17.06.11 3 Years Killekill, Suicide Circus, Berlin (quartet live world premiere feat. singer Robert Conroy) | flyer | RA | picvideoclip
29.07.12 "Contour", ://about blank, Berlin | flyer | RA
05.10.12 "Get Perlonized", Panorama Bar, Berlin | flyer | RA
19.07.13 "pigallIONISATION", Le Pigallion, Paris | flyer | promosheet | RA | FB
26.04.14 "Lightbox", Panic Room, Paris | flyer | RA
24.05.14 Prospector #4, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris (Narcopit Syntax trio live premiere) | flyer | flyer | RA | FB
15.08.14 "Wanted", Chalet, Berlin | flyer | RA | FB
30.08.14 Alter Paname #5, Palavas-lès-Flots, Paris (Narcopit Syntax trio live experience) | flyer | RA | FB
28.11.14 Closer_Live, Kiev | flyer | RA | FB
27.03.15 Most Wanted, Petit Bain, Paris | flyer | RA
02.07.16 Outline Festival, Moscow (cancelled) | flyer | RA